With every footstep, a small crackle would emerge from the newly broken brown twigs on the ground. With every breeze, the rattling collision of the leaves and branches would siren through the forest. With another footstep, Lorelei heard the crack sound under her bare foot. Removing her foot, she studied the brown twig that had split in half. She lifted her foot and noticed the scrapes and bruises that accompanied the slight bleeding. Raising her head, Lorelei did her best to ignore the pain and, absentmindedly, continued walking.
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“I’m not going in there,” Charlotte complained. Lucian rolled his eyes, and scoffed. The river below them was luminescent. It gave off a blue aura but they were both aware of the source. The two stood perched on a stone bridge that lacked a railing. Continue reading



The night crawled over the city. The street lamps came to life, as the city finally went to sleep. The once busy street was now lifeless, and the sound of commotions ceased to exist. Under a street lamp on a main intersection, a man stood with his head held high as he kept his gaze at the dark sky. In his hand, a bright red umbrella that remained closed. Continue reading

The Blind Eyes


“What are you doing?” Joel sobbed at the sight that lay before him.

His hands were trembling, his voice was cracking, and his wide eyes absolutely baffled. It was dark, quiet, and Joel was welcomed with a spine shivering breeze. Continue reading

How can they be believable?


You know what is the most difficult thing in writing?

Making a believable character. You have no idea how many times I actually ended up tearing up a bunch of characters that I thought were great.

Detail. Detail. Detail.

When you make a character, and choose where that character is from. You really have to do some research on what attitude your character will be like, because let us be honest people need to feel that your character is actually from there.

I used to just mention the country, and my character would act like he was from the other side of the world.

Lesson Learned.

Lonely Curiousity


Look all around. It is dark, yet appealing. It is silent, yet peaceful. It is lonely, yet thrilling.

The cities overrun, the streets abandoned, and the homes no longer exist. The term “home” has been forgotten. The only viable option is to explore.


Jump from one area to the next, migrate from one state to the next, wander from one country to the next.

A never ending voyage. The gut-wrenching desperation that this journey will come to an end soon. All necessary, and appropriate thoughts.

Ponder, discover, survive.

What would you do if you were all alone in the world?